Wednesday, January 5, 2011

5-365 Vince's Birthday Soirée

Yesterday was my sweetheart's birthday ---- yaaaaaaayyyyyy Vince!!

It got off to a bit of a bumpy start since he'd woken up in the middle of the night and ended up going downstairs to sleep on the couch. Not the best night's sleep. After that, we just couldn't get on the same page. To add to his B-Day woes, there was NO card waiting for him at the coffee-maker (more on this later.)

To make it even worse I wasn't firing on all cylinders either and in trying to get back on my post-Christmas weight loss plan, had come up with the not-really-so-well-thought-out plan that I'd have a salad or soup at home for lunch then just a little snack at the party. If Vince was hungry, I reasoned, we had leftovers in the fridge. Let's just say as I was explaining this to him the expression on his face was, ahem, incredulous. After a couple of seconds he just looked at me and said "Ivey, I'm not eating leftovers on my birthday" at which point I realized my dumb-ass yet earnest mistake. We ended up going out for Mexican.

Then, I had planned to set up something special for him at our little gathering later in the evening that involved his card and present. But first, I didn't get to do everything the day before I needed to set it up so was coming up with excuses to leave the house. And it would've worked to, EXCEPT my father, who was supposed to be coming in town this morning to help Vince with some house projects, decided to show up last night and not today. Meanwhile, Vince's mood is sliding down hill because his day doesn't feel "special" and while we're trying to coordinate my dad's arrival and finding out he'd inadvertently almost messed up part of my secret plan, I discover that he's bummed about the day. Damn! There's is NOTHING I hate worse than feeling like I've let the man down but I CAN'T tell him "don't worry, I'm on my way to the wine bar we're having the party at to set up a little surprise for you that includes the birthday card you didn't get this morning!!" Aaaarrrrrgh.

But wait, on the way to the bar, something goes wrong with my car (busted radiator hose, maybe) and suddenly steam is coming out from under the hood. I pull over, check the situation, and call Vince who now has to come deal with my screwed up car and completely scuttling my chance to set up his little surprise. Meanwhile, as he's getting in and out of the freakin' car to check things, his present and card are sitting in the passenger's seat. Fortunately, as he said, a bomb could've been sitting in that seat and he wouldn't have noticed because he was so focused on the car.

We get the car home, I'm scrambling to deal with the present issue, and I'm also trying to locate my dad. This is too long of a story for this already too long post but to sum up since I had the party planned, I wasn't planning to cook supper, didn't have a bed set up, and I didn't want to leave my dad all by himself for the night. I ended up giving daddy the leftovers I'd planned to feed Vince earlier, packing him off to my uncle's house and inviting all of them to join us at the party later.


But we finally made it, had a great turnout, lots of friends, family, neighbors, food, and drink; a good time was had by all but most importantly by my beloved, Vincent. It was dark but I did manage a couple of iPhone shots of the evening.


And my beloved Vincent! (This photo was actually taken a few years ago at Salt Lake in Utah. I included it here because it was part of Vincent's gift. I took some of my favorite photos of him and framed them for our bedroom.)

Happy Birthday, baby!
Your beloved,


  1. Oh no! I've had birthdays like that, and they are no fun! But all's well that end's well as they say. If nothing else, it'll be a memorable birthday.

    Plus, I think you earned your spanking ;-p

  2. Aw. Sounds like a rough day.
    Did he like the surprise?

  3. The pictures are great, especially the Salt Lake one. Its amazing how your plans can go so haywire.

    Also, belated Happy Birthday to Vince.