Wednesday, January 26, 2011

26-365 Time to relax a bit

I sent out the bulk of phase one of my huge project yesterday. Finally! After all the interruptions and distractions and changes in direction and and and, I don't have that sword over my head this morning. Yippee!!

So I was able to relax a little last night. While cooking supper, I noticed this on the counter and for some reason it cracked me up. I decided it looked like a very surprised face peeking over the edge of a bowl.
Supper itself was a delish concoction of braised chicken thighs with a mushroom/lemon/wine sauce served over rice. Yum!
And my after supper treat was another round of nookie courtesy of my favorite fella. Here were are relaxing in the post-orgasm glow.
I'm going to tie up a few details this morning but then taking the rest of the day off. Planning to get my nails done and maybe Vince and I will catch a movie later this afternoon.
A MUCH needed break.


  1. That chicken looks really yummy and the nookie is always good.

  2. It's good to kick back and relax once in a while. I would have today, if it wasn't for another foot of snow :-/