Friday, January 28, 2011

27-365 Date night (and 28-365)


Getting caught up on the days means going back to Wednesday. Our heroine Ivey had just completed a major phase of a big project while dealing with all sorts of life and death crises and new family issue snaggle. So after returning a few emails, she took the rest of the day off.

First, a manicure and pedicure. It's like mini-vacation.
Next, a movie! It's becoming rare that a movie comes out that we really want to see but we'd been looking forward to "The King's Speech" ever since we saw Colin Firth interviewed on The Daily Show. The movie is outstanding and that Colin is all sorts of awesomeness. Great performances from the entire cast.
Finally, drinks and appetizers! It's not our normal hang out and as we walked in the door, a musician friend of Vince's was playing sax. Well, he wasn't playing BECAUSE we walked in the door; he just happened to have a gig there that night and we just happened to show up. But anyway.... a lovely time was had. Hand-holding (wth my yummy pink nails), eye-gazing, giggles... ya know.

28 - 365
I spent yesterday at my brother's house. Let's just say that what some families call a crisis, mine calls Thursday. I snapped a few photos but decided not to post them. Just makes me sad.


  1. Glad you got in some girlie time and a date night. I hope the family crisis abates.