Sunday, January 30, 2011

30-365 Lovely day

The weather has returned to GLORIOUS! Thank goodness. So yesterday morning I hopped on my bike and took an hour-long ride on our local trail. I must say, the folks that put this thing together did an awesome job. This is one of several stations along the trail.

They also have a bike rental there as well as a little snack and bike store, nice restrooms, water fountains, playground, etc., etc. And I have to say, when the weather is like this -- bright, sunny, and 70s -- anyone who doesn't go outside and enjoy it is beyond redemption.

Speaking of beyond redemption, last evening we decided to go out for dinner and the went to our local wine bar for desert. As always, we ran into some folks we know. They are okay to hang with at the local pub but I've decided that they really aren't "my kind of people."

"Snob," you say.

"Yep." I reply.

"There is one trait that the men in this group share and it drives me fucking nuts -- they're nay-sayers. It doesn't matter what you subject your discussing, they are always quick to point out what they think is wrong with whatever you're talking about.

Drives. Me. Nuts.

I'm an enthusiastic and curious gal. Vince is a live and let live kind of guy. If someone says to me "Hey, we're going to France this year!" My response is "Cool! Where?" Their response is "Why would anyone go there?" If someone says to me "I'm getting my private pilot's license" I say "Wow. Where do you plan to go?" They say "Little planes are dangerous and inexperienced pilots get themselves killed." They both ride Harley's and sneer at our Yamaha that we are perfectly happy with.

If there is anything in this world that turns me off it's constant negativity. And I hate it the same way a person who grew up in a household of drunks hates booze. If you don't turn into a drunk yourself, you learn to recognize the destructive effect it had on your life and every life it touched. It's the same with angry, snarky, mean-spirited, sad-sack, cynical, never-seen-a-glass-half-full, poo-poo'ers. They're like drunks who insist they don't have a problem.

Speaking of exciting things though, Vince and I have a very cool day planned. I'll have a few pictures up tomorrow I'm sure. Wheeee!!


  1. Seriously love the outside spaces there! And the ability to use them without freezing your butt off for more than 4 months out of the year!!
    As for the naysayers, I get up with one.. So, I'm like that kid that grew up in a house of drunks, they make me crazy.. I deal with it by getting just a little more positive with each passing comment, poo-pooing their negativity with comments that require they admit that 'whatever' is could be fun.. :):)

  2. I love the trails, and I'm completely jealous of your beautiful weather. :)

    I feel I probably fall right in the middle of positive and nay-sayer, but perhaps I'm a little more to the positive side. Having what you think will be fun shot down by nay-sayers can be very wearying. :(

  3. Extremes on either side can be annoying, but at least people who are overly positive are usually fun before they get annoying.

  4. I am so jealous of anyone with nice weather right now. :)

  5. Yeah...your weather looks fabulous. Love trails like that too.

    Negativity is something I can't stand either. I just don't understand the amount of effort and energy some people put into it either.

  6. Those negative people remind me of my dad :-/

    And I really miss being able to ride, I'm tired of winter...