Saturday, January 29, 2011

29-365 We'd love to but....

... really, we're just swamped.

At least that's what I should've said when our friend's invited us to drop by last night for an impromptu get together. They were having another couple over (that we also know and enjoy chatting with) BUT they also all have kids. Little kids. Please note the drum set in the left corner. Next to the piano. With two chairs. And there's a kid missing. Bless his heart, I think even HE couldn't take this much crazy.
I'm just not a kid person. And I have never, not once have I ever, spent time with a child and thought "Gosh, I want one."

And these girls are girly-girls. The rave of course is all things Disney. They're totally into the princesses (and modeled several full princess outfits for us) but you can't beat Queen Minnie from the House of Mouse.
And the thing is, I know all the paraphernalia the kids clamor for -- all the hats, and dresses, and shoes, and toys, and stuffed animals, and dolls, and and and -- is all cheap-ass crap produced in China by other people's children. And it bothers me.

But hey, she's cute isn't she? And she loves you. It says so. Right there.


  1. You and Vince ever make your way up here, we'll be sure to hide our kids and their cheap-ass made in China crap ;-)

  2. No, I think we should expose them to our kids and their cheap ass chinese crap. It will be fun.

  3. Hubman -- That's actually what my friend promised to do when she intived us over! Only she expressly said she'd "lock them in a closet." Ha!

    ASM -- For you! Though I have been told by the adults that watching "Auntie Ivey" keep it together can be very entertaining. However, they're all nice to me because the come to MY house when they want peace, quiet, good china, and grown-up time.