Friday, January 21, 2011

21-365 Casual friends

Sunday is Kate's memorial. Actually, it's more like a celebration. She was originally from New Orleans and we're doing our darned-est to make sure the event doesn't turn into a morose pity-party. My role in the affair is pretty much turned into "producer" which is great, 'cause that's pretty much an easy-peasy thing for yours truly. Of course, production meetings are a little different when I'm running the show! But there is so much wonderfulness involved in this endeavor. The group gathered last night included a radical red-headed lesbian, a Jewish political type (who recently lost her gig 'cause her guy got voted out), a gay white casting director, a black straight actor who looks my age but is actually about 25 years older, black straight actress and web designer, then musician Vince and writer Ivey. I've known some of these folks for 18 years, others for just a few. But damn it feels good to be around them. Easy. Relaxed. Casual.

And now, back to the factory!!

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